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Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker

Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker
Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker

Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker    Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker

Hepco & Becker luggage etc. Sissybar honda vtx 1800 with back by Hepco and Becker. Honda vtx 1800 sissybar with rear. Be the first to test this product.

A brilliant appearance with a luggage rack. It loos is distinctive of a chopper. Always comfortable on the road!

All components are chrome (some models are also available in black), high gloss polished and perfectly adapted to the character of your bike. With comfortable backrest, passengers can relax and feel safe while driving. Sissybar with a luggage rack facilitates the transport of small luggage. Optional: the expansion of the rear rack aluminum for handbags (ground and anodized article: 800000 00 09) ensures a secure attachment.

Custom designed for each motorcycle. German steel tubes quality with high gloss surface finish.

Can mainly be combined with a SideCarrier c-bow or SideCarrier to normal hard luggage (please check the manual or the specific note to the bike for more information). Recommended load on the rear rack 5 kg. Motorcycle legends distribution ltd was founded in 2008 by Arthur macdonald, former Bridgestone motorcycle uk manager, to import and distribute motorcycle exhausts gpr italy.

A contact he established in the paddock moto gp. Since then, we have the exclusive distributor in the UK for luggage krauser and we are also an authorized distributor for the plant to Hepco and Becker and norman hyde ltd. The company has grown by selling great quality products and relying on a fantastic customer service. All our sales and customer service are current riders with rich experience from racing bikes to touring bikes and classic bikes trial to super-advanced.

And probably all that lies between. We remember that you can choose where to spend your money and we want you to continue to come back to us. We aim to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible. If we have your purchase at our warehouse in the UK, it will be shipped the same day or the next day.

Sometimes, though, your order must be from the warehouse in Germany. This normally adds 4-8 working days processing time. If in doubt, please contact us. Order acceptance - our contract.

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Precision and stability of adjustment for over 40 years for more than 40 years, bikers from around the world rely on our products. What started as a one-man business became a dynamic company with a motivated team behind it. No matter where you travel, Hepco & Becker is recognized worldwide for its durable quality products.

Our dedicated staff is happy to help within 24 hours of response time. Click here to contact us. Exhaust KTM beta exhaust exhausts exhausts honda bmw more ...

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Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker    Honda Vtx 1800 Sissybar With Rearrack For Hepco And Becker